A call to the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon

LeapDAO x Ethereal

We’re happy to announce that LeapDAO will sponsor and contribute bounties to the Ethereal Hackathon, a joint production between Gitcoin and Microsoft’s blockchain group, taking place in the run up to the Ethereal Summit in NYC. This virtual hackathon runs from April 15th to April 29th bringing together +400 hackers to work on projects crucial to making decentralized web a reality - including LeapDAO!

You can still register to participate in the hackathon here.

The hackathon winners, apart from the bounty rewards, will be invited to NYC to present their work live in front of +600 guests during the Ethereal Summit on May 10–11.

What challenges have we prepared for you

Ethereal Hackathon bounties

1) Create a Plasma dApp

This challenge is focused on building any functional Plasma dApp that demonstrates the advantages of Plasma using the documentation and resources we provide.

One idea for you is to build a game on top of Plasma - a cool example was this Emojicon Exchange game created on top of Austin’s Burner Wallet. We hope you can get inspired by that or simply build any functional dApp you like! The final submission should contain a web interface for users and use of at least one spending condition - smart contract running on Plasma. Check out the links to Plasma dApp bounty for more details: https://github.com/leapdao/meta/issues/93 https://gitcoin.co/issue/leapdao/meta/93/2780

2) Build a Plasma Watchtower

The Leap Network implements the More Viable Plasma design with a single operator. If the operator turns malicious and starts submitting invalid or dark blocks, the users of the Plasma chain have seven days to exit their funds back to the mainnet. This bounty asks you to create a monitoring solution with a synced node that follows and validates the Plasma chain and notifies registered users of malicious activity occurring on the chain in real time.

Check out the links to Plasma Watchtower bounty for more details: https://gitcoin.co/issue/leapdao/meta/94/2779

3) Create a Plasma Fast Exit Market Maker

As you might know, Plasma enables fast, cheap and secure transactions for users, however it binds capital due to its long exit duration. When a user registers a UTXO for an exit, a 3.5 to 7 day challenge period starts, and only after that challenge expires, the user can withdraw his funds on to the Ethereum mainnet. A fast exit market maker is a service that purchases exits from users. In exchange for a small fee the market maker pays the tokens to the user while receiving and waiting for the exit to complete. This bounty is focused in creating such fast exit market for Plasma which will handle withdrawals as tokenized debt, ensuring transaction efficiency and savings for the users.

Check out the links to Plasma Watchtower bounty for more details:

https://github.com/leapdao/meta/labels/Ethereal%20Hackathon https://gitcoin.co/issue/leapdao/meta/95/2777

Why support LeapDAO?

We encourage you to participate in the Hackathon and take on the challenges we have prepared! Not only you’ll be able to work on projects that showcase the full potential of Ethereum and Plasma scalability, and help mass adoption through easy layer-2 onboarding but also you’ll get a chance to join our awesome contributor community and become a stakeholder in the governance process of the Plasma chain.

What are next steps?

Up for it? Register for the hackathon here and join the LeapDAO channel on the Discord chat to ask us anything. Our team is looking forward to your hackathon submissions and to supporting you throughout the process!

Get involved!

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