EF grant for Plasma Leap

Last week Ethereum Foundation announced their fifth wave of grants - we are happy that LeapDAO was included as one of the recipients.

The new wave of grants is focused on supporting projects working on the critical efforts related to layer-2 and Eth 2.0. LeapDAO’s work on lifting the execution of smart contracts onto a layer-2 blockchain aligns with that purpose.

The EF grant will be used on completing the key milestones from our roadmap, with a particular focus on SolEVM enforcer, a computation verification game that allows for enforcing the off-chain execution of EVM bytecode. The SolEVM enforcer will be integrated into the Plasma chain, and will guard the chain against invalid executions of contract codes. It will also enable a range of use cases - including enforcing in-game rules for the blockchain games, verifying zero-knowledge proofs that are too large to be verified on chain, verifying Proof-of-Work in contracts and enforcing correct telling in Voting.

The EF grant will cover development steps up to the Metaverse milestone (as seen on the image below) which we are aiming to reach. Currently, the Plasma chain on the mainnet can only execute transfer transactions. As soon as we manage to integrate the off-chain computation verification done by solEVM into the exit game of Plasma, we will be able to upgrade our Plasma chain to run contracts. This will enable a wide array of use cases that were not available before. You can find out more about our roadmap here.

Plasma Roadmap

This is the second grant our team has received from the Ethereum Foundation. The first grant allocated to us in May 2018 allowed us to carry out extensive research on enabling general computation on Plasma, which we have summarized in this whitepaper. We are very grateful for the continuous support from the EF, and excited to deliver the milestones set out in our roadmap towards layer-2 scaling with Plasma.

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