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Hey, community, its Ross once again! My new blog post is devoted to so called “taconomy” - a specific reward model which we are using here at PARSEC Labs. As some of you already know, we are an open community that are using holacracy as self-management practice for organizations. Ok, so now you know that we have holacracy, what’s next?


We believe Slack is a great collaboration hub and very useful communication tool. All of us tried before many different apps and task trackers, but it seems Slack fits our team the best. We have there around 15 different public channels, each is devoted to some specific circle or part of our working process. For example, we have following public channels in our Slack:

  • research_n_dev
  • parsec_labs
  • communications
  • announcements
  • pos_mining

and there are few others, for example - “random” channel for memes and interesting discussions :)


HeyTaco - is a special chat-bot for Slack, with a main mission to spread appreciation! How? Very simple: by sharing tacos inside the remote team. Every member of a team can give to 5 tacos per day to another team members. Remember, tacos can be given only in public channels!


If you receive few tacos - you know that you have completed some important task and these tacos are the appreciation (reward) from your teammates. How you can understand when it's time to share your tacos to other team members? Just follow three main principles below:

Taco Economy

As all other chat bots, HeyTaco! has special commands, which you can find very useful. I’ll list just few most important of them. In your Slack channel:

  • /invite @heytaco
  • @heytaco leaderboard

Direct messages to HeyTaco! chat bot:

  • tacos
  • help
  • leaderboard
  • settings: dm off
  • settings: dm on

HeyTaco! has its own leaderboard for every team and the leaderboard is refreshing every week. We thought this can be comfortably aligned to our current payment model. We have few payment levels (options) based on the number of tacos you will earn per week.

  • 8 taco per week - X total amount
  • 12 taco per week - Y total amount
  • 16 taco per week - Z total amount

The reward can be claimed in PSC (Parsec token) or DAI (ETH). So, basically if you are earning enough tacos every week - you will also receive the reward every week. We believe that receiving a reward every week is more fair and fun!

Taco Shower

For now the amount of possible weekly reward is limited to 16 tacos per week, but if you want to earn more - you can try to claim extra bounty for completing some important tasks. All our current bounties can be found here.

By the way, few months ago we also had a special bonus rewards in our HeyTaco!, which were available for purchase with the tacos. We had few Ledger wallets, t-shirts and some other merchandise!

Pros of Taconomy:

  • Communication is a key. Lack of communication inside the remote team can be a crucial problem. Taconomy and HeyTaco! can help to solve the communication problem by bringing taco based reward model to the team.
  • Taconomy replaces HR. It means that we don’t need employment contracts and negotiate salaries. The taco-bot takes care of figuring out who is active and who is not. In that way, we are more decentralized than traditional teams.
  • Taconomy brings a choice. In our case you can choose to get rewards in PSC tokens, or in DAI (ETH). Also you can claim the reward every week, which is better than one monthly payment in my personal opinion.
  • It's just fun to get and give tacos! Our team even started a small tradition of finding mexican restaurant and eating tacos there when we are meeting together! We just love tacos!

Cons of Taconomy:

  • To get tacos on a regular basis, you must not only work efficiently but also communicate with a remote team and share your results. So if you are a good professional that somehow hate communication - you might have some difficulties with taconomy. But this depends on your team, obviously.
  • Taconomy as well as holacracy can be hard for beginners and people from the traditional teams to get used to. But after few explanation calls everything will be clear! We promise!

May 31, 2018

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