From Parsec Labs to LeapDAO

Since the team has started working with Ethereum about 1.5 years ago, it has constantly evolved. We have pivoted from creating games to working on scalability and are proud of the contributions we have made to Plasma research and implementation.

This period has also shifted our relationship with decision-making and self-governance. We evolved from a flat-org consisting of a few freelancers to a tension-processing and opportunity sniffing Holacracy organization.

The change in self-governance has made us aware that we have a responsibility to govern the Plasma chain that we are creating. We believe the public good we are creating can only be sustained with a large number of diverse stakeholders. Everyone should be able to participate to keep the Plasma chain as open as the Ethereum network itself and as aligned with the purpose of Ethereum as possible.

This commitment to openness and sovereignty is why we are adopting a new name and setting out the values that we stand for: LeapDAO - A decentralized adaptive organization delivering scalability as a global public utility.


Twitter: @leapdao

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