Plasma Fraud Proof Challenge Workshop with Cryptokitties rewards


Hello, community!

After the successful DappCon workshop in Summer 2018, we have decided to extend our hands-on activities with developers and enthusiasts.

For realizing this goal, Johann worked with Hasan, community leader of blockchain developers network based in Berlin. Together they have conceptualized and defined a strategy.

As a start in the new series, we have designed the workshop "Plasma Fraud Proof Challenge" which handles Plasma by example, for scaling and merkle-proofing DApps, where true challengers gain some Cryptokitties. LedgerZ community helped with an organization of the space and logistics for this workshop on 8th August 2018.


The event was a success in many aspects. Here's a short summary of what we have done in the workshop.

At 6:30 PM we started with warm-up chats accompanied by pizza & beers. After some mingling with friends and newcomers, at 7 PM we have initiated the workshop with a micro-introduction from Amatus, our space sponsor, followed by a mini-presentation of LedgerZ community and it’s purpose, by Hasan.


Then Johann started the presentation of the concepts, to be followed by practice part. We have started with an introduction on Plasma, Plasma Classic and Plasma Cash. While explaining the basic concepts of merkle-trees and merkle-proofs, Johann has shown the basics of restricted authority, Plasma deposit, Plasma exit, data withholding and cryptoeconomic aggregate signatures. Then we have introduced fraud proofs and a quick guidance on how to get into the coding challenge and submit proofs. Around 8 PM we have started the hands-on challenge. At the end of the challenge, there were 2 winner teams submitting the proofs the fastest, one of which earned 2 Cryptokitties for re-iterating double-spending.


We had tons of fun, laughs, bringing good vibes into the community. People from different backgrounds were there, including core developers of blockchain protocols, scientists, hobby developers, a senior women asking questions about glass-fiber internet and what this is about all the time while eating pizza and drinking champagne.

At the end of the session, Johann has made a strong presence of PARSEC Labs and it’s goals, attracting people’s interest, there were a few very interested developers! We have gained a few developer members into our slack channel.

We have gained new insights, new connections and overall it was certainly a constructive and strong accomplishment with our first event with LedgerZ.

PARSEC Labs is excited to continue the series of physical and remote workshops to reach the talented members of its community globally!

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