Croatia bound for Blocksplit 2019

Blocksplit Croatia

Next week we’re heading to Split, Croatia for the upcoming Blocksplit Conference to power the local conference cryptomarket with our Plasma chain - Leap Network - focused on providing a transaction highway for merchant operations.

We are facing a similar task to what was demonstrated at ETH Denver before, where the Ethereum community could experience the potential of DAI thanks to a simple xDai burner wallet facilitating BuffiDai trades. At ETHDenver, attendees and merchants transacted with BuffiDAI on the implemented POA sidechain. Transactions were executed about 4 times faster than the mainnet at < 100 tx per second. Merchants then “cashed out” after the event by sending BuffiDAI to the custodial contract which released DAI via the xDAI bridge to them on the Ethereum mainnet, allowing them to trade it for fiat.This experiment demonstrated how fast and cheap transactions are an essential building block of cryptocurrency adoption.

This time at Blocksplit, instead of the xDAI network, we’ll have a fork of the burner wallet running on the Leap Network which will allow to execute transactions at the conference venue. Users will be given QR codes with burner wallet keys and will be able to make purchases with SunDAIs throughout the event. Any SunDAI remaining in attendees’ wallets after the conference, along with any rewards claimed will be withdrawable to users’ mainnet wallets. This will make sure everyone can cash out any remaining topped up funds and safely discard the burner wallet.

Should an attendee run out of funds at the conference, several partners will be on location ready to sell top-ups for fiat. Users will also be able to top-up using Ether directly in the wallet. Likewise, fast exits will be facilitated by conference partners ready to buy out any remaining SunDAI on the spot, saving the end user from having to wait out the plasma exit period currently defaulting to 7 days.

Other than testing the Leap Network and SunDAIs in action, we are also looking forward to two full days of workshops and talks on DAO designs, and everything Ethereum 2.0 - including Johann’s talk on how Plasma will lead to Ethereum mass adoption. We are also hoping to catch some Croatian sun!

If you’d like to know more about the conference itself or grab one of the few remaining tickets, see and We hope to see you there to discuss all things Plasma and Ethereum.

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