Plasma Testnet Launched!

We are proud to reveal our first public deployment of a Plasma Network.

Testnet Zeta has anchored its first Plasma block in the Rinkeby network on Friday, and since then has become available for the public use and testing. It runs the 0.5 Driftwood Release of the leap-contracts and leap-node code, and brings the following features:

The 0.5 Driftwood Release is the first step on the LeapDAO roadmap to launch a public Plasma network supporting provable computations. You can read more about our development proposition in the whitepaper.

The release is packed with goodies for blockchain users and dApp developers. Here is a shortlist of features:

For users:

For developers:

If you are curious to know more about the project, read more about us on the website and follow us on twitter. We would love ๐Ÿ’›to see more of you getting involved in LeapDAO. We are looking for like-minded people (not only developers ;)).

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