Plasma Mainnet Shutdown

The leap organization is restructuring, we explore new technologies & upgrade the testnet.

Plasma bundles up transactions in blocks and anchors them on the mainnet as hashes. Through this compression Plasma enables fast transactions at a fraction of the cost.

The Ethereum Foundation awarded LeapDAO a grant to design and launch a working Plasma chain, in order to tool up Ethereum with scalability.

Next to it, LeapDAO grew as a fully distributed team. Organised and equipped with holacratic principles, the team managed to realise a fully working Plasma chain in 2 years.

Restructuring LeapDAO

After working hard on implementing Plasma on Layer2, the team recognised a trend towards new and exciting technologies and decided to move one step forward.

Let's focus on DApp development and provide the infrastructure for all DApp projects willing to work on Ethereum. Next to Plasma there are other second layer solutions which offer a wide range of solutions already.

The new approach is finding the right solution for the right project.

Research in Rollups

LeapDAO made their homework and has started to research in optimistic roll-ups & ZK-rollups. After getting familiar with the "new kids on the block", the team explores how to combine roll-ups with Plasma knowledge and create a new powerful dark matter to scale Ethereum even further!

During the research it became obvious that every application is special and needs a custom solution in order to gain traction. Therefore the Plasma chain will still be an interesting approach for specific applications, including zero-knowledge proofs on layer-2.

Hard facts & the next steps

The official mainnet shutdown is expected for the 7st of March 2020. Until then, the Leap Plasma chain is in operation and working. Applying Minimal Viable Governance, a on-chain governance proposal will be submitted, to enable the next proceedings.

Leap Plasma contracts will be upgraded and unclaimed funds are recovered, in order to distribute them to their respective owners via root-chain. Further deposits are not allowed.

Once the contract upgrades are finalized, the actual shutdown is done by stopping all the Leap Mainnet validator nodes and all the related infrastructure. Funds are withdrawn & returned.

--> If you have any funds on Leap Mainnet, please make sure to withdraw them. <--

As our mainnet pause is starting within the next 2 weeks, we advise you to take action and exit your funds.

You can do that very easy over here:

Please remember: the exit takes 7 days to finalize.

Following our purpose and driving for mass adaption

Soon, there will be a return of the mainnet with improved features and a variety of new updates. Maintaining a mainnet demands various resources: effort, money & manpower. All of these are rare and hard to obtain...

Whatever is the way we go and which technologies we adopt, the team is motivated to work towards our common purpose:

"Help collectives of people to collaborate on things they care about and achieve sovereignty in a non-violent and fulfilling way."

The aim is to preserve our decentralised & fully-distributed team, get some engines running and help the crypto/ethereum ecosystem achieving mass-adoption.

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