An especially suited Network for dApps and decentralized projects in payments, decentralized finance, supply chains, governance or DAOs.

The advantages of Leap plasma

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Staking on Leap plasma

The LeapNetwork has a focus on speed & smart contract execution on layer2 while borrowing the security of the Ethereum mainnet. Plasma is the scaling technology that enables these unique properties. Proof of Stake at Plasma Leap is different due to the reflective token issuance: The token supply is not linear as found in other PoW or PoS chains, but the issuance is reflexive and uses an indicator of the token market value and adapts to the current needs of the network.

Advantages for Validators

Through the minimized inflation of the Leap token supply, more value is retained for the owners of the Leap Token. The validators act in 2 roles, in addition to operating and securing the network, they are also holding the majority of the tokens.

Token holders can take influence in 2 ways:
They can create proposals to the LeapDAO governance process or they can veto any on-chain modifications to the Plasma bridge contract.


Currently, the LeapNetwork (connected to Ethereum mainnet) is online, but runs with a single operator. The LeapTestnet has already transitioned to multiple operators and will be used as a testbed to launch the token-staked operator Plasma on the LeapNetwork in the following three steps.


Become a key stakeholder

By participating in the early stage of the LeapNetwork PoS launch, validators have a chance to become key stakeholders in a network that will later require higher financial efforts to claim a similar role. The described unique properties of the LeapNetwork positioned it as one of the key driving forces for real life projects and give access to various use cases enabling blockchain mass-adoption.